Breath of Deceit

by Selena Laurence

Another new to me author (must be the week for it) and I have to say that the literary world seems to be developing some serious talent because this was a super start to the authors new series.

I like a mafia read, I can’t say I always love them but there is usually something interesting about the whole dynamic, so it was with that and the intriguing blurb in mind that I opened the first page and I must say that whilst I wasn’t completely sure what I was getting into, in the scheme of things I would say that the story was enjoyable.

I liked the fact that the major protagonists were Irish, four feisty brothers that are not only knee deep in the seedier side of life but that were for the most part as sexy as sin.

For Cain, life is far from what he wants it too to be; he may have been born into the world of crime that has devoured his family but that doesn’t mean he wants to stay there, he will do anything to get out and not just him, he wants to take his brothers with him.

Nothing is as it seems and there is no straight forward solution to the life that they lead, they are entwined with some devi9ous people and breaking free may just be a fanciful wish, seeing it to fruition might prove a stretch too far for any of them.

I liked the fact that there was a lot going on and in many way the author was laying the groundwork for the books that are to follow but you will not be disappointed in the connection between Cain and Lila, theirs was something that had potential but came with a truck load of additional baggage.

If I have a criticism I think it would be that I wanted a little more romance, a tad more of a connection between the two main characters, I am not saying that there wasn’t any because there was, but I think I would have fallen harder if I could see the happy ever after somewhere in the storyline…Now you need to find out what I mean about that for yourself??

The author was clever with her descriptions, accurate with the level of angst and drama that she included in each page and most telling…she knew when to say nothing, there was an element of WTF that I would have to say was the main reason that I continued to flip page after page.

With a fantastic cast of secondary characters and of course the remaining brothers to get my hands on, I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series already!

Topic: Breath of Deceit by Selena Laurence

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