Sins of the Father

by Avelyn Paige

I love a good MC book and this is a really good MC book, so I am a very happy camper!
Heaven’s Rejects MC are not in good shape, and by that I mean that the President has had more on his mind that just the club and the wellbeing of the brother’s, nope he was more interested in the status that his position brought to his particular party and in doing so he wasn’t exactly good at either being President or keeping everything he needed to in check.
He made enemies as I am sure you can imagine and when up was called it was left to his son Mickey to step up and take the reins. Little did he know just what a task he has on his hands.
Mickey was everything his father thought he wasn’t and despite the fact that his dad spent so long trying to show everyone that Mickey wasn’t up to the task of ever being President, now the job was his…he was more than up to the task.
The club is on it’s a**, the magnitude of the lies and subterfuge that his father was at the core of is staggering but Mickey is determined that through hell or high water he will turn their fortunes around again, his only hope is the he doesn’t have to take his guys into a war in order to get it.
I liked that he saw the bigger picture that he was willing to do what it took to get the guys back in line and the club heading in the right direction, I also liked the fact that his abilities took a lot of them by surprise but that they willing to see that no matter the actions he took, whether they be right or wrong he always had the club and the brothers at the forefront of his mind.
As far as MC stories go I liked that it centred on Mickey and what he was doing and how he was doing it, as you would expect with an MC story there are women throughout the storyline but that was not the main focus of the story, there was no woman that captivated his attention, yes there is one that enters the fray that I very much hope we see more of in the next book but this was about the transformation of one guy, his growth from boy to man, from son to leader, from Mickey to Raze!

Topic: Sins of the Father by Avelyn Paige

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