Forbidden Valentine by JC Valentine

I am so pleased we got this book, a chance to see what the future holds for Ransom after the s***storm that went down between him and his brother.

Walking away after losing the woman that his heart wanted to spend the rest of its life with, Ransom is on a path that is leading to one place and one place only…self-destruction.

Swimming through the haze that accompanies the vat of alcohol that he is slowly trying to drown his sorrows in, is the only way he is able to make it through each and every day. Thinking is too much like hard work, he is happy just to exist, that is until Dani.

Dani is in a similar situation to Ransom, her boyfriend decided that he preferred her sister and that put paid to what they had going on, they were two souls cut from the same cloth and bound together by the devastation that being betrayed by a sibling can inflict.

I suppose she really did know what Ransom had swilling around in his head, and not just the liquor!

Dani caught Ransom unawares one night in the bar and remarkably he caught me unawares too because he was actually quite chatty and while she may have been hurtling towards her own drunken oblivion, she enjoyed his company and once they got to know each other a little better, it certainly looked like things might just lighten up for a little while.

I loved fact that despite what he had been through, he was completely resolute in the fact that she was in his life for a reason, being without her was not an option in his mind. Their relationship was littered with secrets and challenges, potholes and pitfalls that seemed to be trying to slip them up but the author had them working hard for their happy ever after and I was rooting for them all the way.

Ransom deserved to be happy, not that Dani didn’t but I had a history with him that I wanted to see him fulfil, I have suffered with him in his past and I didn’t want to define him any longer, he had to learn to leave it all behind him and Dani was the woman that made that worthwhile.

This is a story about learning to let go, about cutting yourself a break and embracing what life hands you, about being who you are meant to be when you are meant to be it and refusing to allow the negativity of something you could never have changed to be responsible for destroying your future.

I loved my time with Dani and Ransom, they have a lesson to teach and they do it well

Topic: Forbidden Valentine by JC Valentine

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