Uncovered by Truth

by Rachael Duncan


In this we reach the end of Alex and Elizabeth's journey and I have to say that I was really pleased that this book followed hot on the heels of the last one because I don’t know if I could have waited too much longer.

The first book left me with questions that I needed answers too and in this they all came to fruition.

The suspense was killing me – honestly the whole scenario around this pair was something that just had me hanging on for the next instalment like waiting to take my next breath.

Elizabeth’s husband is one nasty SOB and he is playing a very dirty and conniving game with the two of them but in a way I was ready to scream at them that this was of their own doing partially they allowed him to treat them this way they had given him that control over them.

But on the other hand he was just an evil man who relished the way he had them dancing to his tune.

The twists and turns are magnificent, the depth of the deception is staggering but the emotion and feeling between Alex and Elizabeth counterbalanced that, they took me to a place where all that other stuff didn’t matter, where I could forget the subterfuge and concentrate only on them and the way they felt about each other.  

I could dream alongside them all the while keeping my fingers crossed that they got their happy ever after.

As the story came to it conclusion I have to say that the unravelling mystery left me somewhat with another sea of questions, their time on the run was over but where they? Could they survive the secrets that were to come? Who held the upper hand for the two of them and is what they have all it appears to be?

This is a story full of questions and it will have you asking questions not only of the characters but of yourself right up till the last page.

A fabulous book, which in partnership with the first book will steal your breath away.

This should not be missed.