Fractured: Volume 2 by Alexis Noelle

Life dealt Shay the cruellest of blows and she is still finding each day painful. She wakes each morning through necessity not need, and when her eyes meet the light of the day, her heart sinks because she knows that it is yet another day she has to face without Cam.

There is nothing that anyone can say or do to bring Cam back to her but her existence without him is painful. Knowing that she has no place in society at the moment to which she wants to contribute, she has become a virtual recluse, doing everything she can to push those that love her away.

She keeps in contact with her mother but seeing anyone is a step too far, so when Jacob, Cam best friend knocks on her front door it came as a surprise.

But that wasn’t the only surprise this sexy man was bringing to the door – he brought a healthy dose of tough love and Jacob doesn’t she was going to have to face it head on.

Jacob makes it quite clear that he has been respectful and stayed away to give her the time she needed to mourn but like her, he too has found Cam’s death painful, he loved Cam as a brother and having seen what happened he had mourned hard for his brother in arms.

But enough is enough, Cam wouldn’t want her to be like this and as his best friend, he isn’t prepared to see the woman Cam loved suffer any longer. Now it’s time to get the war paint on and re-join the real world.

It was like two immovable objects colliding – Shay – Oh my, she was not having any of his idea – and she put up a fight every step of the way but Jacob had no intension of backing down – he would win.

She knew in her heart that this is what she needed to do and in the end his persistence paid off.

Between the two of them the found a working friendship that meant they could both share and experience the life they have now without Cam in it.

There was a definite reliance developing between Shay and Cam, she really did lean on him for more than she probably should have but he was always there to prop her up, to be the shoulder she needed and to dry her tears but were these feeling morphing into something more than companionship?

When she finally plucks up the fortitude to act upon the way she feels, the night doesn’t exactly go according to plan!!!!

Topic: Fractured: Volume 2 by Alexis Noelle

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