There Goes the Neighborhood by M A Stone

I actually wish this had been released first and not Riveted.

Because this gives the back story of Blue and Axel- it is where they came from, their family and what has made them who they are today.

I liked this book, I liked the fact that a few of my niggles from the first book were ironed out and I loved the fact that I got to feel some of the emotion that I thought was missing in book 1.

This has it all, it is laugh out loud funny on some parts and at points it just made me cross.

But in the end it brought a tear to my eye.

Angel and Aaron were an odd pairing, I liked Aaron, and he was one of those guys that while he got it wrong on many occasion it was not for the want of trying. This biker had a heart of gold and when it came to Angel he loved without exception. A less than auspicious upbringing had left him to bring up his little sister Almeida, not that he didn’t have parents, it was just that what they did have wasn’t worth having – his father was a real piece of work!

Angel on the other hand was far from ordinary, this complicated woman is a complete dichotomy of emotions. This sweet nurse is more than she appears on the surface, she craves the ability to just cut loose.

So when Aaron enters her life, she can see that he is what she wants. But Aaron doesn’t believe that he has anything to offer her – if only he could just see that he is enough!  She is the answer to everything he is looking for but doesn’t know he wants, if that makes sense.

I was blown away by the relationship that evolved between them and also between Almeida and Aaron’s friend Tangler. The scene of them painting with the kids was just delightful. It brought a huge smile to my face and picture to my imagination that I carried with me for a while, very special.

But the star of the whole show was actually Gran, Angel’s grandmother was so funny!!! She was pivotal in Angel’s life having been her primary carer but when Gran meets Aaron and Almeida and Tangler – well I almost wet myself it was fabulous.

I have to say that as a prequel this was excellent but as I said previously I think it would have added to the enjoyment of Riveted had it been released first.

Great read and a glorious grandmother!!!