Tapping Her by Max Monroe

This nifty little novella, hit all the buttons and in the right order…it is playing with the big boys and from where I am sitting it is doing a darn fine job.

So hot on the heels of Tapping the Billionaire, this is the opportunity to join Kline and Georgia as the hustle themselves off on what if given their past record, is likely to be the honeymoons by which all others will be marked. They left me completely breathless, they were so good that I really didn’t want to put them down and add the love of my life Walter into the story and my life was complete.

Honestly he may be “just” a cat but he had his claws in and I was totally absorbed.

I laughed so loud, that I managed to snort the hubby awake from his nap, shame I know…bothered, not one jot!  

I love this, I love every single word, every nuance, every insinuation, every cheeky paragraph on every page. I could read it all over again and I think I might just have too because the hints that we get for what I hope is coming between Cassie and Thatch will have me counting not just the days but the minutes until the next instalment hits the kindle.

Just in case you didn’t get where I was coming from I can actually sum this up in two words…. Loved it!!!

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