Summer Sky by Lisa Swallow


Taking time out for yourself and what happens – Mr Hot as Hell walks straight into your life and all your plans exit swiftly out of the window!!

Summer Sky is just that story, two people on their paths with their own agenda’s not looking for anything or anyone other than to hopefully discover a little more of what makes them tick, to take some time for themselves and to work out if what they have is what they want and need.

Life is about taking stock and that is just what this pair were doing Sky and Dylan, never planned to find each other, hell Sky fought her attraction all the way but she was only fooling herself because it would have damn near impossible to resist the delicious Dylan.

Sky had a tendancy to over analyse and at times it was a little too much but she had a right to be confused about her feelings, I just wish she could rationalise them a little more concisely – she did like to ramble!!
Dylan on the other hand was fabulous, smoking hot rock god who showed the humanity of being famous.

He was a brilliant character, I loved the fact that despite the fact that he had the world at his feet, he was normal and not full of his own importance.

Dylan, was forthright with his feelings for Sky, I just wanted her to get on the same page!!

I mean what is there to drag your heels over when a guy lays his heart on the lien for you .. Please!!!

The ending was just what you would expect in that it left you begging for the next book!

Rating 4.5 out of 5