Road to Ruin

by Callie Hart and Jonny James

Look in the dictionary and you will find the definition of a Review – “a critique or evaluation” -pfft!  all I can say is they obviously haven’t read Road to Ruin because if they had they would know that the ability to form reasonable thought, let alone to put those thoughts in any form of sensible order is impossible…this book OMGG!!!!

I have read and loved books by Callie Hart in the past, the mistress of madness and obviously, her literary partnership with Jonny James has taken that completely twisted lunacy to a whole new level… because I just don’t have the words to be able to explain just what I have finished reading.

As the first instalment to this series, I will not only be counting the days but probably the minutes or even seconds until the next book hits my kindle.

Oh, and by the way I am perfectly well aware that I have told you nothing of the story and that is deliberate…you need to read the book to uncover the magnificently despicable, deliciously devilish Alex, he is a whole new level of seriously f***ed up!

Serious kudos to this dynamic duo…the book is fantastic!


Topic: Road to Ruin by Callie Hart and Jonny James

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