Own Me by Lexi Scott


This took an eluded situation and gave it the Lexi Scott twist and it was delicious.

A friend to lover’s story of the highest order, one that had me flicking the pages like an absolute dervish.

While it is clear that marrying someone just so they can facilitate the required documentation to enable them to remain in the country is not something to be recommended, I have to say that in this case it was clearly the catalyst to bigger and better things.

It is or can be just the push that a dormant love needs to ignite the flames of passion, especially as with Genevieve and Adam there is no financial gain to be made in the arrangement, the whole event is being partaken solely to as the means of one friend coming to the assistance of another. Or is it?

Two friends who were closer than most, doing what is needed to save their friendship…Perhaps?

Adam’s visa is almost up and potentially he will have to leave the country but Genevieve isn’t ready to lose her best friend and she hatches a plan to keep him where she needs him, with her.

She suggests that they marry and I have to say that as farcical as that may have seemed, it really was the most perfect of solutions.

These two had a connection that had long since pasted the friends zone, they both harboured feelings that were so much more than longing, they were veering towards lust and with time and effort, the groundwork was laid and they embarked on a new, well-earned phase in their lives, and when it came the time to take their final step it was with an impetus that embraced what they were doing and why… their new marital status was well earned.

A lovely story, one full to the brim with romantic touches and gracious and endearing acts. Two people that took a potentially devastating scenario and embraced the solution the found to remedy its impact, finding true love along the way.

Loved it!