Fearless by Nicole Edwards

This is my brush with MM, I am not an aficionado of the genre but when it comes to Nicole Edwards there is nothing of hers that I won’t read, so I read Reckless and here I am having now completed Fearless.

Dare was in the first book, as you would expect, Nicole likes to make sure that her characters spend as much time with us all as possible but being one of the owners of Pier 70, he was fairly evident throughout the first instalment of the series, but what wasn’t made crystal clear was his back story, although it didn’t take a rocket scientist to know that there was so much more to him that he was letting on.

I liked Dare, he was a laugh, fairly laid back and seemed to just take it as it came, but when we got the chance to see what he had been through it was obvious that the way he is now was as a result of a broken heart in the past.

Young love treated him badly and he built his defences high in order to make sure that he never had to experience that pain again. Foolish or fool hardy well that is a matter of opinion but his heart became his most valued possession and he was willing to protect it at all costs.

Dare almost limited his capacity to love to the platonic relationship he had with his friends and for the most part he was happy with that until the day his past and present collided and he was faced with decisions that he would rather not have to make.

While Dare may have considered that his heart bore the brunt of the pain all those years ago, Noah to never truly got over how things ended between the two of them. Dare was his first love, the man that since that day 15 years ago, no-one has been able to compete with. How could anyone ever measure up to the one your heart swears you should have never said goodbye too?

Life has swallowed up his time, as he built his career and business, but when he joins his step sister at her bosses wedding, little did he know that his life as he knows it is never going to be the same again, because face to face the two of them are staring into an abyss and they both have to decide which way to jump?

There is a lot to work through for the two of them but I had my fingers crossed for them both, the depth with which they felt, the almost self-suffering that they had inflicted upon themselves was brutal, neither of them had allowed themselves to enjoy the love that they so richly deserved but was that because their hearts knew that they belonged together?

Love is mysterious, it is cruel and painful but in order to truly appreciate the joy that finding the one person that make your soul sing you sometimes have to suffer and they had suffered long enough. The intensity of their love was electrifying, it leapt screaming and dancing from the page, I was invested in them resolving their differences, in them making it together because they had earned it!

They deserved their place at each other’s side. They were enough, I just had to hope that they knew that.

The author holds nothing in reserve, she allows them to sift through their debris with full force she give them almost carte blanche to find where they need to go and I can only imagine the conversations that she had in her head while she was completing their story. Oh to have been a fly on the wall during that process.

I loved this story, just as much as I did the first and with Teague and Hudson simmering along very nicely I am certainly looking forward to the next book.

To the only author that can entice me to read MM, a beautiful well deserved five stars!!

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