Stronger by Sarah Greyson

How do you heal when the events of your past haunt and harrow your every thought?

Life has Rob by the throat – well, his past has to be more accurate. And it is slowly allowing him to drown in his own misery.

Guilt is eating him alive from the inside out as he refuses to accept that there is absolutely nothing he could have done to prevent the unfortunate circumstances surrounding his wife’s death but that does not stop him from continuing to torture himself. I really felt for Rob, I think I understood his reasoning in some respects because it is that survivor’s guilt thing eating away at you, but especially in his line of work it must have been like an arrow straight to his soul.

Nothing can pull him from his self-inflicted funk but when he gets his next assignment he may just have found a reason to begin to lift the veil and take a peek back into the real world.

Rob and the other guys in his company are hired to find and return a kidnap victim

Victim of human traffickers who think nothing of selling their latest captive to the highest bidder, Lola is at the mercy of the sort of individuals that young women like her never believe for one minute exist in this world.

Happily living a life that most would give their eye teeth for, this young woman much loved by her family – in fact she is practically the prized possession of her father, strange to say that I know but she is, there is simply nothing that he wouldn’t do or give to his daughter and to insure that she is able to fulfil the destiny that he has planned for her. The only issue is the fact that Lola has other plans.

I like Lola, she was a kind soul, with a heart the size of Canada, prepared to put others before herself but when her freedom is placed before her again by Rob and the guys, can she turn her back on those that she has be trying to protect and walk away or will she stick to her guns.

Seeing Lola and the situation that she is in and the dilemma that she faces when he and his men show up was an eye-opener for Rob and it knocked is socks off. Because he had feelings that were far from what had expected them to be, this beautiful young woman had let a little of her light and kindness, sneak its way into his heart and he was left reeling that for the first time in a very long while, his emotions were awake.

Returning her home to her family does not end his infatuation and it does not end the craziness that continues to surround them.

Necessity dictates that they need to continue to spend time together and it is during this time that they both realise that the feelings that were bubbling below the surface have refused to dissipate – if anything they are gathering pace and it is only a matter of time before they are going to have too address them.

But can they keep their hands of each other and can they save each other from not only the ruthless villians that have them in their sights but also from the past and present that have desires on moulding their futures