Mr Corporate by J A Huss

After Mr Romantic, I was eager to get my hands on the next in the series and now having finished Mr Corporate I am left kicking my heels until Mr Mysterious comes a knocking. And until then I may or may not develop a drink problem because these guys are under my skin in a big way and I can’t wait to see what is going on and who the heck has it in for them all over again!

I can’t say that I totally liked Victoria “Tori” Arias in fact I didn’t think much of her, for much of the book, she had a chip on her shoulder that was more than I could stand but ask me about Weston “Wes” Conrad also known as Mr Corporate and I’m the one blushing in the corner…I loved him.

I know he might not have been everyone’s cup of tea with his old fashioned ways – he wanted a wife to stay at home and raise kids – a career is not on his horizon for his woman but like his business, everything is negotiable and Victoria had left her mark on his heart when they split years earlier and he had never really gotten over her, you will understand why I say that when you get towards the end of the story and they get to Weston’s home.

Victoria knows all about his past, heck she was there with him through the whole sorry affair, she stood by him when he was accused along with the other guys but they were so volatile and in a way I actually got why they called time on their relationship but they hadn’t really moved on.

So when a call arrives at Victoria’s failing business little does she know that taking the job wont only put her in direct competition with Weston, it will also put their lives in danger.

There are so many twists and turns that I was left completely befuddled.

I mean, Liam…WTF????

Five…Oh yes, that is one man that I need to hear a lot more about!

Mysterious, he certainly lives up to his name.

But when push comes to shove, they are there for each other but there is a price to pay for all of them, but when is it going to be enough?

What the price is ultimately going to be is yet to be determined because with two more of the guys to get their story and fingers crossed a little something to explain exactly who Five, I am sure I may need therapy by the time the series draws to a close.

Please I beg you, pay attention, there are somemore details about the past dotted throughout the story and I have a feeling that come the end all these details are going to be vital, I think I my need a notebook!

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