What Caroline Wants

by Amanda Abbott


This book needs to come with a warning- it will scorch your fingertips ladies.

You know sometimes when you read about folk you start to wonder, are they really that happy – well this pair are and they are willing to do whatever it takes to keep the spark alive.

They have been married for years and have the picture perfect relationship but can a little bit of experimentation improve on their perfection – well you never know until you try!

Caroline and Jason have a very candid conversation with their close friends and neighbours Piper and Michael and are surprised to hear that what goes on behind closed doors isn’t always between just the two of them. But can they take what they have been told and make it work for them, can they draw their lines in the sand and accept that whatever they decide, at their core they belong to each other.

This is a huge step to take and one that Caroline especially ( why was that no surprise?) really isn’t willing to jump into with both feet, she is tiptoeing precariously around the whole idea and the thought of what they have to lose if it all goes wrong has her on tenterhooks.

From the get-go the book is not shy at flaunting is sexiness – in fact it was difficult to put down, it will have you completely engrossed.

It was a situation that intrigued me, and no – mind out of the gutter ladies! – not because I fancied giving it a try but because it was portrayed in such a way that was so real that it almost made me want to take a look out of my window and look at the doors in the street and imagine the possibilities of what was happening in my own neighbourhood.

The connection and relationship between Caroline and Jason was beautiful – they were a great couple and while Caroline was a bit on the back foot and Jason was effectively chomping at the bit to get started – he loved his woman and because of that he was more than willing to take things at her pace, he talked everything through first to her satisfaction and eventually I could see that this was never really about him just wanting to get it on – he really did just want to make Caroline happy and was willing to do whatever it took to ensure that his woman was happy.

The secondary characters that were also in the book are characters that we will come to know more of in future books and I have to say that I really liked them, I am looking forward to seeing what their stories hold in store.