Something Precious

by M Clarke


This book is relentless in its pursuit of drama.

But I suppose that is to be expected as the series so far has been one that has encompassed almost every emotion known to man!

Jax and Rachel are not a couple that leave anything behind, they lay their hearts on the line and because of that I have come to look forward to each new instalment of their journey.

But this book, gave me a different vibe, it had an aura of reticence about it and that put the fear of god in me, I just didn’t know if I would be able to handle anything untoward. My happy ever after complex would be devastated!

There are characters, or no I should say that there is actually one character in particular that I wanted to wrap up a nasty assed carpet, tie weights around her ankles and drown! Maybe that says more about me than Chloe but she just got right under my skin!

The author soaked my senses with so much information, I was left chomping at the bit, each and every page was tormenting, teasing and oh so delicious.

Perfectly pitched this is a book, heck no this is a series that you should read and absorb, you should allow yourself the chance to be devoured by the beautifully crafted characters and their engaging story.

Be prepared to throw your hands in the air with frustration and spend way too much time dipping into the box of tissues.

A beautiful book, superbly written and completely engaging.

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