The Story of Us

by Melody Grace

Be prepared to fall in love with the comings and goings of Sweetbriar Cove, and whether you have read the previous books in the series or not, just are going to be knocked on your a$$ by the delicious Luke and Natalie romance.

Natalie is new to the cove, escaping an ex that has left her not only looking for a fresh start but also willing to change her identity. Now, as the author started to unravel the situation between Natalie and her ex Oliver, I quickly came to despise the man, he was a narcissist, nothing she did was good enough for him, he was smart about his abuse, clever enough to convince almost everyone that he was sweetness and light when in fact he was emotionally cruel and manipulative. I don’t blame her for ditching his sorry soul and striking out on her won, I only wished she didn’t feel the need to have to hide from him.

Luke was back in the cove after his relationship nosedived, it may have been years in the making but it was over in the blink of an eye and he was in desperate need to regroup…the last thing he wanted was a new relationship but darn it the minute he clapped eyes on Natalie he was willing t jump right in, the only issue was that Natalie wasn’t in any mood it join the rush.

They took things steady for a while, the pair of them spending time getting to know each other but the past wasn’t done with her yet and Oliver was up to his old tricks…would she fall for it all again?

The chemistry between the two of them was sizzling, and I loved the ride between the two of them took me on, they were a fabulous pair to spend time with

Fantastic storytelling this was written beautifully and hard to put down



Topic: The Story of Us by Melody Grace

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