Scorched by Sarah O'Rourke


Be prepared to laugh your sock (and anything else you have) off at this one – it is gloriously hysterical and my sides hurt giggling my way through most of it!

An accompanying novella, to the previously release Sizzle I think this is everything you could hope for when it comes to romantic comedy because it is just superb.

I loved the connection and more importantly the conversations between Molly and Devil (although I do hate that nickname) honestly they just made me smile.

But we got a lot more of what makes Molly tick in this and we get to see that she hides more than she should but she can’t hide from a man that loves her more than he ever thought possible, he showed her that she is the woman that his heart cannot be without and with some of the most divine words I have read in a very long time,  he gives no quarter in letting her see that his life is hers to own – he is nothing without her – well maybe not physically but emotionally she completes him and he fights hard to make sure that this reticent woman gets his message.

There is so much going on in this little book that it is safe to say that it is definitely punching above its weight.

It will have you well and truly entertained from the first right up to the last word. First Class!!!