Blind Faith

by Nancy Haviland

Oh my dear lord, how have I never read anything by this author before, I am ashamed of myself!

This was superb, from start to finish I was totally blown away by not only the characters who I will say right now were brilliant but also by the pace and style of the author writing, this book wanted for nothing, it had its own life force that just lit it up from the inside.

I love a good MC story and this wasn’t just goo it was great, so ladies I will say now that I am on every happy reader. The author pitched the intensity of the story just right, there was enough grit and drama and more than enough angst and attitude, tempered with a smattering of perfectly timed sizzle moments and boy did they sizzle!!!

Tish has an exceptionally awful childhood, nope, scrap that it wasn’t just awful it was the sort of childhood that leaves scars, it leaves a lasting impression on your soul that will tarnish the remainder of your life if you let it but luckily Tish isn’t prepared to let it define her, she has fought to break the effects that it had on her and with the help of the one person she has always loved, she is moving on.

Josh (aka The Guardian) is the one constant in Tish’s life, the one person that she has been able to lean on whenever she needs to but that dependency isn’t just one way, because he too has suffered more than most mere mortals would ever survive and I think his resilience was down to the fact that there wasn’t a hope in h**l that he would ever leave Tish alone. He would die rather than let her down, she means more to him than even he does and for me that spoke volumes of the character that the author was trying to portray. This was an honourable man, a man with an immense capacity to love and who had only one focus for the adoration, Tish.

So I suppose this was two broken souls doing what they could to find a way to make what they have work and now that they have each other, and  that path was one that they had to work out as they went along, Tish wanted Josh to show her who he was on the inside, the bits of him that he kept carefully locked away but it wasn’t that easy for this mountain of a man and when external forces started to bring trouble to their door, it was glorious to read just how far he was willing to go to keep his woman safe. There wasn’t a law in the land that he wasn’t prepared to ride roughshod over to insure that Tish was where she belonged at all times…by his side.

If you are looking for something that is likely to do a little bit more than titillate, then this is your book, this was so hot it was almost combustible.  Whilst this might have been a true romance, this was anything but sweet, so if you like you guys foul mouthed and fantastic, then yep, this is just the ticket.

Loved every word!

Topic: Blind Faith by Nancy Haviland

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