Whisper Forever

by CA Harms

I could probably sum this up in just a few short sentences and that is because there is very little that I can say about a body of work that quite literally speaks for itself. I found the story one that I quite simply became absorbed by and while there were aspects of the characterisation early on that had me wondering just whether I was going to like Lucas or not, what I couldn’t deny was the fact that I was desperate to find out!

Best friends from childhood, as you can imagine Maddie Emery and Lucas Rivers has been almost inseparable in their younger years, right up until high school changed everything and the bond they had, succumbed to the pressures of adolescence, Lucas may have found his feet and fame on the football field but that was tempered by what he lost and that was Maddie.

If only she had been so lucky, losing his friendship was devastating for her but she hid her heartache well, or at least she did at the time because when a few years later Lucas returns to town and looks to reconnect, she is far from impressed and not exactly willing to tread that particularly painful path again.

I thought that the author got the character on the page to totally match with the picture that I had in my head, she nailed it! I don’t know why but I just pictured Maddie as a tough, beautiful woman, that wasn’t willing to be hurt again by the man that she thought she once knew, and that hesitancy meant that she was always going to be more of a challenge than Lucas had probably imagined.

Getting with the program was easy for Lucas, he knew he had let her down and hurt her but that didn’t mean that he was above knuckling down and doing what he needed to do to make amends.

Could this pair of childhood besties take their relationship to a new level or was their past a bridge too far for them?

Oh, a word of warning…I had tissues in hand for a huge chunk of this book, so be prepared.

Topic: Whisper Forever by CA Harms

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