Carbon Replacements

by Reily Garrett

If you are looking for your next read then please look no further, because the McAllister Brother series by Reily Garrett is a proper gem. This might be the fourth book in the series, but you can easily jump right in and enjoy!
I will say though that if you haven’t already worked your way through the previous books, you would do well to pick them up – because once you have read Billy’s story you will know why…these guys are as sexy as sin!
Remie Tallin is just doing her job, after all as a doctor that is what she is trained to do but when her young patient is murdered and she only just manages to escape with her own life…that life is irrevocably changed and when Billy is assigned as the detective to lead the case, well let’s just say things become intensely personal.
There were so many twists that I thought I might end up with whiplash, the story was pacey but perfectly poised and full to the brim with angst and attitude.
Remie & Billy were superb together, they worked hard to not only solve the case but also to navigate how they felt about each other and oh boy when they eventually got their heads around how they felt about it all they set the page alight.
I love the way the author made sure that the rest of the McAllister brothers were ever present throughout the story, it was wonderful catching up with them all and of course they each added their own special sass to proceedings.
Take your time with this one, I tried hard to work out who was behind it all but in true Reily Garrett style, I was baffled right up until the very last second. An edge of your seat read that was practically impossible to put down and will be very difficult to forget.

Topic: Carbon Replacements by Reily Garrett

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