Damage Control

by Lisa Renee Jones

So, after a quick recap of the first book Hard Rules, I was totally ready to be elbow deep in all things magnificent, care of the uber talented Lisa Renee Jones, and I applaud her right here and now because this is a book that dishes up a second helping of a cast of characters that are simply delicious.

The storyline was absolutely jam packed with not just the anticipated deceit and intrigue but also with just the appropriate amount of erotic content…enough to make it feel as it was a contribution factor in the story not just adding to the word count. Nothing about this story was unnecessary, everything and everyone played their part and I think that is what made the intensity leap from the page.

I will say this though, you need to make sure you keep one eye on what is going on in the background; what is happening just behind that first line of characterisation, because if you don’t you may just miss a few on the pinpoint detail that the author has crammed in.

I really liked Shane and Emily, their struggle was so poignant, with the drama that surrounded them it was heart in the mouth stuff, a really thriller, after all there are factions that are holding nothing back…. but who is willing to risk it all to get what they want? And who will they have to sweep out of their way to get it?

Totally addictive!

Topic: Damage Control by Lisa Renee Jones

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