Filthy Kisses by Karolyn James

Keeping Dakota and the fact that he is going to a father from his brothers in the MC has been tough but Kye had to respect the wishes of his baby momma and since she hates all things MC with an absolute passion he didn’t really have much of a choice but having a choice about things that affect his life is something that Kye soon realises that he actually doesn’t have much say in at all because someone is playing fast and loose with his future and sets him up to take the fall for a crime he definitely didn’t commit.

Being separated from Dakota while he serves his time gives him the opportunity to focus on what he is going to do once he gets out, not only how he is going to uncover what the heck is going on and who is behind his time behind bars.

But Kye isn’t the only one paying the price for someone’s meddling, it also has Dakota running scared. On her own and not waiting around for the network that Kye has put in place, she takes off. I was worried about her and the baby but she found help from the most unexpected source, I was glad she had someone but that didn’t resolve the fact that she was without Kye when she needed him the most.

The minute Kye steps out the gates of the prison he is ready to put his plan in motion to find his nemesis – the person that has deprived him of not only time with his woman but moreover time he can never get back with his son.

The mystery surrounding what was going on and who had it in for him was really intriguing but that all took a little bit of a back seat until the minute he was able to track down Dakota and his little boy. She may have run but she never forgot and never stopped loving him and as much as she wants them to be a family she doesn’t believe that she can do that while Kye is still connected to the club- so face with the stark realisation that the MC really is a hard limit for Dakota, Kye has to face up to the truth that he has a choice to make and his decision may look like it should be an easy one, his family, his little boy but can he leave his brothers in the MC behind?

I hated the dilemma that Kye was in because if ever there was a time that he needed to have the club around him it was now, there was someone still out there that was prepared to stop at nothing to get to him but why? And when the fact he had a family became known, would that mean that they too were at risk and without the club, would he be able to keep his family safe…his options were limited but I was still hanging on to the hope that Dakota would understand his point of view and cut him a little slack.

But can they find their common ground, can they find a happy ever after and most of all can they discover who is behind Kye’s time in prison?

I liked the story, I loved the characters although of them both I took a little longer to warm up to Dakota. She obviously had her reasons for being so anti the MC but I wanted her to be more pro Kye than against the club, isn’t that what loving someone is all about? I loved the secondary characters that the author placed throughout the story, especially Debbie, what I wouldn’t give to have a day in her company!!

Topic: Filthy Kisses by Karolyn James

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