Mack Daddy

by Penelope Ward

This was a much sweeter read than I initially anticipated.

I mean I knew it was going to be good, and I knew from the outset that Mack was going to live up to everything I thought but what I hadn’t considered was that Ms Ward was going to wield his magnificence like a sword that would have me submitting to his magnificence, this is one single father that has not only parenthood buttoned down but had determination all sown up!

I think the selling point of the story was the fact that Frankie and Mack has an authentic charm that was completely infectious. The chemistry between them didn’t just flicker, nope it smouldered and watching them come to terms with that was what had me hooked.

Frankie leant on Mack for all the social support that she needed, he helped her overcome her social awkwardness and anxieties but nothing lasts forever and Mack is soon heading home. It is eight years later when he resurfaces, but this time he is not alone and he is determined that he is going to put right the mistake he made all those years ago.

His determination was admirable but was it ill-founded?

Would Frankie see past, their past and give them a second chance?

Well, that was the big ask because after all they had both moved on and had others to consider in the equation. The storyline was super, it was peppered with not only interesting characters but a liberal amount of angst and attitude. Oh and of course, just the right amount of spice.

I think the author pitched this just right, she gave enough detail to keep me entertained but left enough for me to fill in the blanks myself, I like a story that encourages me to read between the lines and I felt able to embellish and elaborate and absorb the relationship between Frankie and Mack in my imagination, which had me totally hooked.

A solid read that will be high on the best reads of the year for me, I am sure.

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