Dark Protector

by Avelyn Paige

I am at home with an MC story in my hand, not sure why exactly but there is just something so deliciously addictive when it comes to guys who wear that alpha male air around them with consummate ease. Unrepentant men that live life on the edge of absolutely everything and that are passionate about everything they hold dear, with a moral compass that many would find questionable I was chomping at the bit to see if this book one in the new Black Hoods MC Series would live up to everything I was wishing for.

GP (aka GreenPeace) was, if you were on the wrong side of him a genuinely bad man and he was completely unrepentant about that side of his life but he was more than he appeared because he was quick to step up when Blair found herself in what can only be described as a nightmare situation.

He seemed willing to be her shoulder to lean on although I am not exactly sure that he understood why he felt that way, there was something so instinctive it seemed inevitable. No matter what was said and by whom…he quite simply could not stay away from the gorgeous psychology student.

The story flowed beautifully, it was super pacey and totally angst ridden ( woohoo) there were surprises peppered through the story that completely took me by surprise, I was desperate to get to where they needed to be but also desperate for it not to end if you know what I mean…thank the lord this is just book one, I get to do it all over again when Hashtag gets his own book.


Topic: Dark Protector by Avelyn Paige

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