Dirty Bad Secrets by Jade West

If you are reading this review, then I am assuming that you have already read the blurb for this book and by that same assumption I am sure that you will already have seen the warning that the author has issued…if you have then please take heed!

Please don’t think…Oh, I’ll be Ok? Because believe me you will not.

This is a book that you have to be 100% certain that you are able to cope with ANYTHING!!!! If you have to talk yourself into it or if you have a little doubt, please give yourself some time to think on it, this book will push some very uncomfortable buttons and taking that into consideration you owe yourself a chance to reflect.

Andy has been holding the fort so to speak since Faye ran off, but I doubt he ever considered that she would be gone for years.

He loved and still loves her but the way she left, the fact that she has paid no heed to the club that they opened together has pained him and now she is back, it is as if the scab of their past is ready to be picked raw again. Can they find their way and if they can just what path are they headed down?

Faye does what she does best and appears with a bang, thinking that she can just fit back in where she had previously and while that may have worked once, there are questions that have to be answered and before they can more on she is going to have to learn to open up about what the heck happened to make her take off in the first place.

This is a book about trust, about giving and receiving something that is probably more sacred than love itself, love is a heart lead emotion, but trust…that is logic, that is a balance of equations and mixture of heart and head completing for superiority and of emotion weighing up the balance as to which of the two has the upper hand, trust is hard to hand over, even harder to hold on to and almost impossible to regain once it has been lost.

The things that Faye had experienced made me wince at times, her journey was not one that would or could ever be considered as being painless but given that I have read each of the previous novels, this was like an addiction, I needed to know what was going on and where they were headed.

Jade is one of my go to authors, her novels leave nothing in their locker, she doesn’t hold back and as a reader I appreciate that.

While this may not be for everyone, it touches on some very dark and disturbing practices and situations, if this is your thing then you will have struck gold with this series, this is an author at the top of her game.

Topic: Dirty Bad Secrets by Jade West

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