Love This Life by Theresa Troutman

Right, slightly off centre with this because I have to say that this book was not what I had expected after reading book one.

Bash – or actually I should call him by his proper name – Sebastian is growing up and living the life he actually wants. He has found his feet and he has found his woman and privilege be damned, he is happy.

But just how fleeting can happiness be?

Well it seems like Sebastian and Tess may be about to find out.

Tess has always known what she wanted in life and more to the point she knew how she was going to get it.

Sebastian changed her master plan and in some respects no matter how much she loves him, she can’t help but feel that not everything happens for the best.

Events that occur and obstacles that are put in their way threaten to tear the pair of them apart, by this point I have to say I had my head in my hands, I wanted them to have their happy ever after and I could practically feel it slipping away from not just them but me.

The path to true love is never easy and it is littered with temptation but is how you approach that temptation and the decisions you make when opportunities are placed before you.

Sebastian hopes that his love for Tess is enough not just for him but for her also.

I had my fingers crossed for the two of them and I relish the fact that I am heading straight into reading the next book – a wait would kill me!!