Unexpected Fate by Harper Sloan

Corps Security has been a major find in my reading library and the magnificence that is Harper Sloan has been a constant source of enjoyment, she has the ability to let me escape to her world of make believe and to fall in love with the men that she brings to life with her words and the women that stand by their sides – I have loved every single one of them and as an integral part of the story , it was been joyful to read as they all became the parents that any child would be lucky to have but from the minute his name first appeared on the page – I have adored Cohen Cage.

This eccentric little superhero stole my heart when he draped his much loved cape over the hospital incubator, just like the perfect big brother would do. But in this I was given a view of Cohen that I hadn’t anticipated – I got the little man all grown up and he wasn’t so little anymore.

It is strange to write about him being a sexy as sin man, when in print he has grown up before my eyes but I have to say that there really isn’t much about Cohen that you possibly be described as unappealing – he smoulders!!

Unexpected Fate is the story of Cohen and Dani – daughter of Axel, who I have to say is just simply superb and I loved him and his over protective father routine, he made me laugh and he made me cry with his antics, hilarious!

When Cohen heard Dani tell him that she loved him and would always wait for him, he fought the feelings that he had for the then 15year old girl, but he never forgot the words that she spoke to him, he can recite them word for word, and they are imprinted on his brain.

But she is seriously off limits, not only because of the family connections, I mean it is complicated when she is his best friends little sister and his Dad’s best friends daughter but also the fact that she is just too young. But now, all bets are off, because she is all he can see, all he has ever seen but now he can bring his heart out of the shadow that he has been hiding in and perhaps other will see that for him, she has always been the one, he was just biding his time.

It isn’t all smooth sailing but they eventually get their act together and Cohen is just glorious – this pierced, tentatively alpha but phenomenally astute man refuses to wait any longer and despite the fact that he is being deployed, and could be gone for an unspecified period of time, he has to have his woman and to know that she is 100% certain of how he feels about not only her but them.

Of course there is unforeseen danger and in this the culprit wasn’t who I thought it was going to be, but I was glad that Dani was able to look after herself – although what did I expect from Axel’s girl!

It was fabulous to get the rest of eth gang and all the other kids from the original series – I cannot wait to see who is next up – personally I would love it to be one of the twins.

But I cannot finish without saying two things

  1. Please give Liam his own book
  2. The epilogue is simply fabulous

I loved the book, and am delighted that Harper has given me more of the Corp guys and their families.