by Gisell DeJesus


I’ve read other works by this author but in this she branched off in a different direction and I have to say that it worked – boy did it!

The story was clever and quick, well it was after the first chapter or two – it took a little bit to get going but once it hit its stride there was no holding it back.

The story is told from dual points of view and I have to say that this is something that I actually quite like.

I like to know what is going on in their heads, I want to hear what they have to say not have someone say it for them, so this made for a more enjoyable dynamic in my opinion.

Melinda was the predominant narrator and I have to say that wasn’t really a surprise as she generally had more to say on life than Ryan did.

And that brings me to Ryan, I thought he was a strong character, one that I could engage with, heck who am I trying to kid, he was awesome.

Over all the story was held my attention, captured my imagination and raised my temperature – what more could I have asked for??

Oh, yes that’s right- the perfect ending – guess what? Got that too!!!