by Danielle Norman

Whilst I would say that I thought this was a light, easy read, I think I might be in a minority in as much as I can’t honestly say that it blew me away. I will admit now that unfortunately, this was just the wrong book at the wrong time for me.
I enjoyed it don’t get me wrong but there was just something that chipped away at me and that tempered not all but certain elements of the story for me if anything I think it would be safe to say that this was unfortunately just the wrong book at the wrong time for me.
Katy was a tough cookie, fighting to keep her head above water and provide for her daughter Bee, things weren’t easy, far from it but that didn’t mean that she was prepared to just accept the lot she had…nope she was up for the fight and determined to make the most of her life.
Now that I got and that I was wholeheartedly behind,
The two of them were the perfect mother /daughter combo and when Damon entered their lives, or should I say when they entered his life, I thought that he would be a fly in the ointment for the relationship that the two of them shared and I must say that perhaps that was the issue. I’ve been that single mother with kids and whilst I have my right guy now but that doesn’t mean that it was an easy journey and I think I just related too much to that element of the story.
Damon was a nice guy, he had his secrets but then so does Katy.Learning to let go and to trust is not easy, especially when you have been bitten before, I just wondered if the issues that they had to face would impact them more than they initially thought.
I wanted them to work, I hope you don’t think I didn’t but I couldn’t help but worry that someone was going to get their fingers burnt along the way and I especially found it hard trying to second guess the emotions that the story brought to the surface because I knew from experience that Bee had as much to lose in it all as they did because that is the reality of relationships where children play an integral part. I especially took issue
at the way Katy’s parents behaved with regards to Bee, and again, I think my issue was that hit a little too close to home.
I hold my hands up and admit that I found this a tougher read than it needed to be, I wish I could have just taken it a face value but it just didn’t play out that way for me. It pushed a button that brought it all home to roost and that made me look too deep.
In true “It’s not you, it’s me “fashion I would have to admit that the author did nothing wrong, this was all me, the story was great, it was well written and engaging, I just need to find a quiet corner and give it another go.
Would I recommend it… absolutely?

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