Reaper's fire by Joanna Wylde

I love an MC story and have waited patiently for this the latest of the Reaper’s tales but was it worth the wait?

As you would expect Gage (also known as Cooper) is a club man to the core, his brothers are all that matter to him, so heading undercover for the good of the club seemed like an absolute no brainer…but was it going to be so much more than he could have ever anticipated?

Because no matter what he thought he was going to encounter, he never banked on Tinker!

Tinker is home with her pop, taking care of not only him but his business. After her mother passed, she knew that her place needed to be with her dad, it not only made sense, it also offered her sanctuary while she was facing a divorce from a man that deserved a one-way ticket to see the devil himself…her ex is a piece of work!

Looking after the apartments was one thing but when the new maintenance guy comes on board, they are both faced with being around someone that pushes all the right buttons for all the wrong reasons.  Tinker is the woman that Gage (Cooper) can’t have but that doesn’t mean being without her is going to be easy. 

Tinker is sure that Gage (Cooper as she knows him) is just the guy to shake her out of her funk but he is less than subtle with his attempts to keep her at arms-length, making it abundantly clear that she is not on his agenda.

I felt for them both at this juncture and if I am honest my sympathy was primarily with Gage because I think the majority of the burden lay with him, I mean he knew exactly what was going on and because of that, his decision to stay away was contrived and against what he really wanted. I just got the feeling that as much as he couldn’t act on his feelings, that didn’t mean that they weren’t hurting him. He was lying to himself as much as he was lying to Tinker.

What I couldn’t get my head around was how exactly she was going to react when all the secrets and lies were revealed because I had a feeling it was going to be far from pretty.

Tinker is a really strong character, heck she is a strong woman handling the issues with her ex, her father, the business and Gage, she took it all in her stride and never once backed down. She was sure of who she was and what she wanted and she wasn’t willing to settle and by the end of the book she was hands down my favourite from the two of them.

Although I think I should say that, that mainly that was because Gage was so guarded. He didn’t seem to open up much, and hid just a little more of himself than I would have liked.

Once they were together their connection was explicit, they were so passionate and so intense that it was a shame that the book had to end, I could have read more of their story for a lot longer, I think I was beginning to get a real flavour for what was making them tick by the time I flicked over the last page.

As expected the book was superbly written and wonderfully descriptive, I just had a feeling that I was missing something but that might have been because I just wanted more.

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