Chasing Ella

by Jillian Quinn

I know many have stated that this was a modern twist on the classic Cinderella and I have to say that for the main part I would have to agree but please don’t get hung up on that because this is so much more than that, it is thoroughly modern and refreshing.

Swann is the college football superstar and Ella is the shy but clever student that isn’t even anywhere near being a member of his social circle but when they end up at the same party and are almost goaded into sharing a kiss, their lives suddenly have become forever entwinned.

The second their lips part, there is a feeling that this I just the start of something special…just one slight problem and that is the fact that she vanishes as soon as she is out of his arms and he has no idea how to track her down…are you seeing the resemblance with the famous fable now!

Well, he sets his stall out and despite how demented his friends seem to think he is, he resigns himself to the fact that no matter what, he is going to track her down…but can he!

Or should I say will he actually have to try too hard?

Because when he arrives to meet his Chemistry tutor he can’t help but feel that they have met before …could she may be the one he has been searching for?

I loved their connection, and I also thought that the plotline nods that the author gave to the Cinderella story was enchanting, and I have to say that I loved the fact that I got my villain too (not totally horrid but enough to have my heckles rising!) Ella’s mother was so malicious, seriously restricted Ella and that narked me because I knew that she was impacting the grown of a relationship that had the potential to be something totally glorious.

I don’t think it is possible not to adore this story, it gave me the perfect excuse for a delicious duvet day with my own very modern fairy-tale.

Topic: Chasing Ella by Jillian Quinn

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