The Wrath of Cain

by Kathy Coopmans


What is there not to love about a book that contains both MC and the Mafia, I mean a double dose of really hot, dangerous men – heck, count me in!

I was sure that I was going to dive headfirst into lust with the book and that there is nothing that would burst my bubble – honestly I’m a sucker for an MC read. But whilst I have to say that the book was a solid 4 star for me, there were times that I was ready to throw in the towel, or maybe just bang my head of the nearest wall.

This story held nothing back, it threw everything it had and then some at me and it just kept on coming!

From almost the off it was full on and in a way it need to be, the story was constantly evolving, characters were always up to no good it seemed and it was at times just so complicated.

Cain and Calla married when they were nothing more than kids, 18 is no age and they were far from ready to settle down, and it doesn’t take long for Cain to slip up, a few hours if I’m honest and his actions cost him the one thing that he vowed never to lose…Calla.

Determined to get as far away from her cheating husband as she possible could Calla takes off.

Now this bit of the story I had a problem with initially – I mean who the heck does what he did only a few hours after tying the knot?

But then again that had me thinking, was there more to this than the author was telling me at that point – it was just too convenient. I cottoned on from here I think that there were to be more secrets and lies in this book that my brain was probably ready to cope with.

It takes six long years for her to show her face again but when she does, she has her demands ready to go, she wants out! Calla is settling for nothing less than a divorce and to cut Cain from her life completely.

Really, do you not know the man you married!!!

Obviously not because the man she is confronted by now bears little semblance to the man she left behind all those years ago, her Cain has transformed, into one mean assed SOB.

The events of that night six years ago left him a bitter man, he was forced in some respects to destroy the what he had with Calla and that pain has forged his heart into one that feels nothing, and as president of the MC, that is a trait that has served him well …right up until now because Calla has just cracked him wide open and letting her go is not an option – he will stop at nothing and when I say nothing I do mean exactly that to have his opportunity to right the wrong that was bestowed upon them both, but first of all he has to get her to listen to what he has to say.

Calla was weathered the storm of what happened that night, the night the man she wanted to spend her life with ripped her heart out. She has stayed under the radar, studying hard and making as little impact on the world as possible.

But she knows that she has to take care of the situation with her and Cain but I thought she was naive thinking that she could turn up, ask for divorce and it would all be hunky dory.

Time may have cooled their heels but it did nothing to dilute the spark between the two of them, they were practically combustible.

Everything she thought she knew was gone, everything about Cain and the family she left behind when she walked away has changed, Cain is not the type of man you can turn your back on, especially when he will be dragged over hot coals before he lets her go again.

Calla is one thing to Cain… she is his!

So what did I like about the book, well I liked the fact that you never quite knew where the next twist was coming from, where the next upset was going to appear from and who would be the cause. I also liked the fact that Cain’s pursuit of Calla ran in almost parallel to the suspense element of the story. It wasn’t side-lined, it was too important an aspect of the book to be a sub plot so to speak.

But there were events that almost had me peeking through my fingers, the author knows how to turn up the scare factor!

I liked Cain, a lot more than I liked Calla in some respects but together they were not a formidable force and at times I thought they were going to be more than I could handle at times but their story was so engaging I wanted to see how it would pan out.

As I am sure you can imagine there were a sea of secondary characters , all of who added a little bit more to the story but of them all the one that stood out for me was Manny and I hope that in the next book of the series, we get to hear a little more of his story.

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