Tease by CD Reiss

Re-capping their night together is a brilliant way to start this book, it brings Beg back into focus and allows us to tie the series together. And apart from that it is blisteringly Hot!!!

Jonathan is everything that was implied that he would be a controlling skilful lover with seriously dominant tendencies – you have been warned.

Leaving Monica behind while he travels to the Far East on business is hard for the pair of them. But it is Monica that feels the effects on an almost daily basis, he has brought her dormant libido to life and she is struggling to function without him. Luckily for her he is intent on picking up from where they left off upon his return.

Life with Jonathan was never going to be smooth sailing, so when he makes it clear that the only woman he can ever love is his ex-wife – she has a choice – take what she can while she can or walk away now. In too deep, she decides to settle for the here and now and resigns herself to get out early if she thinks things get too heavy. Deluded girl.

The pair attend an art exhibition at which they will be in the company of their respective ex partners. Jonathan’s ex-wife Jessica is a nasty piece of work but she has a hold on him that is none too clear at this time but she has an unhealthy distain for Monica considering she is divorced from Jonathan.

Monica’s ex is Kevin, the budding artist who she walked away from in a bid to make it big, Kevin, is malicious and uses his piece on display to portray Monica. Publically portraying her as heartless. A cruel and underhand blow.

Jonathan is still not fully exposed to us and is still very much a man of mystery but Monica is a delight.