The Playboy Bachelor

by Rachel Van Dyken

Bentley Wellington was a tad more conflicted than even he was prepared to admit, well at least out loud that is but when his grandfather joins forces with the force of nature that is Nadine Titus, he may just have to face up to not only what makes him tick but what holds him back sooner than he thinks.

Friends since childhood, theirs was a connection that was severed in the most unfortunate of circumstances, one that left Margot alone, mourning not only the loss of her parents, her physical independence but also her best friend, Bentley and that drove him to the brink of self destruction, to a depth of despair that he has continued to flounder in, right up until he discovers that he is about to spend time with her again.

Can and will she forgive the time they have spent apart...not easily, no!

I wanted to like Bentley from the very outset, there was something about him that made me think that he had a story that was almost as desperate as Margot’s. But was it one that he would ever share with the girl that he has secretly loved since high school?

I loved the fact that they rubbed each other up the wrong way, that they snipped and snarked at each other and that they knew exactly what buttons to push in order to get a reaction. Sure they got it wrong sometimes and overstepped the mark but they were both hiding how they really felt and because of that they seemed to be able to bring out the absolute devil in each other…this was a couple that left to their own devices would have been fit to kill given half the chance but that when push came to shove, cared too much to allow the ugliness of the time they have been apart to put paid to their possibilities.

I thought that the story was paced perfectly, up to a point because I was a little peeved at just how quickly it wrapped up but that might just have been me being greedy and looking to spend a bit more time with them both.

Topic: The Playboy Bachelor by Rachel Van Dyken

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