Game On by Katie McCoy



Finally a college superstar that is a genuinely nice guy – all too often they are so full of their own importance that they forget everything that makes them a decent human being – but Nathan isn’t at all like that , this young man is a really good guy, inside and out!

The world needs more folk just like Nathan Ryder and Sophie Hall was just the woman to tell them all about him

This would be reporter was determined to show those that didn’t know that he may be a superstar in the making but Nathan is so much more than that. He has a heart that is so tender and a conscience that refused to play up to the stereotypical jock persona that lesser mortals used to their advantage every day.

Sophie wanted the world to know about all the fabulous things that Nathan liked to keep quiet, about the fact he spent time with kids and sick animals and that he helped out at an animal shelter – heck could the guy get any cuter!

But as much as her head was shouting for her to get on and write her story, her heart was in the right place too because she was writing it for all the right reasons, that doesn’t mean that Nathan was willing to make it easy for her. He was perfectly well aware of the power of the press and having a reporter showing an interest in his life was something he really just wasn’t that in too. He needed to keep everything as it was, that way his ticket to the big league would remain unblemished.

When they met the connection between them was almost instant, they were drawn together and they had the makings of being such a cute couple but his hesitancy was the one thing that stood in their way.

Sophie was determined, I liked her she knew her own mind and was never going to slip away quietly. She was a feisty little thing but boy was she funny! Her quick and witty one-liners had a smile plastered all over my face.

And that was the crux if this whole story – it made me smile.

Watching them form a beautifully sweet and romantic relationship was just the perfect way to unwind. No drama so to speak, unless you count the fact that Nathan seriously needs to learn to just go with the flow! Two fabulous individuals that when they got together made each other’s world complete…priceless!

Oh and by the way – the epilogue was a beaut!

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