Badd Ass

by Jasinda Wilder

I swear to god that these Badd brothers will be the absolute death of me.

I thought I was just about ready to spontaneously combust with Sebastian in the first book but this time it is Zane that has me all a fluster and as if that is not enough I still have another 6…yes, you heard me SIX of them to contend with. I think I may need a lie down in a very dark room!

Zane Badd is in the habit of taking the bull by the horns so to speak, this ex- Navy SEAL isn’t one for hanging around, he has both seen and done far more than most guys his age and isn’t exactly someone who is used to letting the grass grow beneath his feet but this year long sabbatical back in Alaska with his brothers due to the terms of his fathers will, might just have been what he needed all along. After all you have to take time to breath at some point in your life.

Amarantha Quinn is a force to be reckoned with, Mara as she is known is on a vacation when she steps in to help one of the brothers who is injured at Sebastian’s wedding, but in doing so she also meets Zane and well let’s just say there was a very awkward situation the next morning because while their one night might not have been enough for Zane, Mara is very much a one night is all you get type of girl.

So the question is now…where do you even begin to find the common ground on that little conundrum?

With just one week in town Mara eventually relents to spending time with Zane, which was unusual for them both because while they were both high charged in the bedroom department when it came to the art of relationships, they were both on dodgy ground, they both had bad experiences that appeared to cloud their judgement and hurdles that they needed to be overcome, and for I while I read with my fingers crossed because I really wanted them to find a way to their own personal finishing post, I sort of got a feeling that it mattered – and I know it’s just a story but we all know how invested we get as readers and I felt that way about this pair, I saw how much they complimented each other and couldn’t help but want them to be “the one”.

Of course there are ups and down with their story but the author absolutely knocked their character and personality out of the park, she served up a couple that oozed strength and confidence but when you peeled back the layers there was an air of insecurity and hesitancy that lay just beneath the surface and if anything that is what appealed to me, they both had to find their feet, test out what was working and not working for them and make decisions that in some way neither of them was ready for…especially the doozy at the end, wow that was one to take the wind from their sails.

I liked that the story was fairly sharp, it rattled through and made the whole process completely engrossing, much like his brother, Zane knew what he wanted and was prepared to step out of his comfort zone to get it…I hope the rest of the guys are taking note, they have a lot to live up to!

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