by K. Bromberg

I was late to the K Bromberg party, taking what to all my friends seemed to be an age to recognise the talent of the woman but now I have, I just don’t seem to be able to get enough and from what I have read I would say that this is spectacular, could even be some of her best work to date…I loved it.


Sidney and Grayson may have grown up in the same town but that doesn’t mean they are moving in the same direction, in fact nothing could be further from the truth, they weren’t anywhere near on the same planet let alone the same page.

Sidney had the world at her feet or, so it would seem, a childhood that new few limits, where money had no significance other than the fact she didn’t need to worry about it but years later when the story really takes root, she is so much more than the daughter of wealthy parents, she understands that life isn’t just about the bank balance, its about who and what you are inside and although she still enjoys the trappings of wealth, they certainly didn’t define her for me.

Grayson was immense, I loved him, his cranky attitude that he used like a weapon to keep the world at bay or, so it would seem. No stranger to hurt, his focus was getting through each day keeping the world at bay and his heart in tack, the man hadn’t built walls around his heart he had fortified his soul but all that was about to be put to the test when Sidney arrived back in town!
with more angst and attitude than I could possibly fathom, this pair didn’t just set the page alight, they turned the flame all the way to incinerate and left a scorch mark on the screen, they were smoking!

I love an man with a dirty mouth and there are many a book boyfriend that should be taking lessons from the foul mouthed but seductive Grayson, I am sure he could hold his own with the very best!

The chemistry was off the scale, I couldn’t get enough and with a host of secondary characters this author left nothing to chance, everyone had their place and their purpose and they all played it out to absolute perfection…I loved It!!

Topic: WORTH THE RISK by K. Bromberg

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