Wrecked by Sherilee Gray

The last in what has been great series, this is Piper’s story and it is every bit as enjoyable as the others have been.

Piper West is finally relieved to be out from under her normal scrutiny, finally having the place to herself she is looking forward to having her own space and her own agenda.  But being a West is not that straight forward, not when you have Deke as a big brother…really man, lighten up!

Despite the fact that Pippa lives within a stone’s throw of the garage, it obviously isn’t close enough for Deke, he really doesn’t want her being alone, so co-opts his friend Cole into watching out for her.

Now I got that he was just looking out for his little sister but surely if she had been at the other end of the town or in the middle of know where I would have understood but she was in the cottage, not on the moon!! Anyway, Deke asks Cole to move into the apartment above the garage, a perfect vantage point for keeping a close eye on Piper.

Piper wouldn’t mind it if Cole wanted to move in because she has be harbouring a crush on the sexy ex-cop for years but to Cole she was strictly off limits, no matter how much he wished she wasn’t.

What is it with guys and that whole dating your friends little sister malarkey, honestly guys give it up!!!

I liked Cole, he had been through so much and not only having lost his partner in the accident but having his career cut short due to the injuries was a devastating blow. But the shift to Miami is his clean slate, the fresh start that he needs, so taking the job as Manager of West Security was his first step on the path to his future, but that didn’t mean that he could leave his past behind.

He carried the pain of what happened and the loved ones that were left behind with him every day. The guilt seemed to eat away at him, I knew it was unreasonable but he didn’t seem to care, he was lucky in as much as he was still alive, happiness was an emotion he didn’t believe he deserved yet, if ever.

But helping Deke out with Piper, was the most exquisite form of torture, she was his holy grail, the forbidden fruit that he knew he couldn’t have but wanted all the same.  

Living across from her was purgatory, but Piper has an agenda of her own and Cole is going to have to use every trick in the book if he intends to keep his promise to himself and steer clear of her, because while he may believe that he isn’t the man for her, Piper has a completely different idea, he is just the man she wants, the man she has always wanted and those walls he has built around him are about to get a battering, because this little lady is ready to show him that life is worth living again and she is going to be right beside him, all the way.

Ladies, it took one kiss, just one and they couldn’t keep their hands off each other…willpower be damned!!!

I thought this was a super read, the cast of characters was simply superb and Cole’s back story while it explained his reticence, it wasn’t harping on about it to the detriment of the situation, it showed me that he had a heart, he was a good guy struggling to move on knowing that his partner who was also a good guy has perished.

Piper was a feisty woman but then growing up in her family I would have expected nothing less but boy was she determined, I loved the way her and Cole connected and the path that they took in order to build a relationship.

This was a perfect while away the hours read, it’s not going to rub you up the wrong way and just might sooth your soul.

Topic: Wrecked by Sherilee Gray

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