Hail No

by Lani Lynn Vale

Totally addicted, yep you heard me, completely and utterly addicted not only to this book but also to an author that quite simply doesn’t seem to ever put a foot wrong!

Hail No is yet another of her knockout reads and as the first of the series, I am already feeling slightly needy with anticipation knowing that there is even more to come.

I really felt for Kennedy, her family life was far from stellar and bad luck hangs around like a dark cloud but she doesn’t let it define her, she is seat of your pants funny and has a heart the size of Texas, and that made my heart melt. But it isn’t all easy and there an sections of this book and this story that will leave you wondering what the heck happened and how the heck you’re supposed to recover. My heart broke for them both.

I say both because the person that Kennedy had her heart set on was Evander and having recently been released from prison he may not have been everyone’s idea of a top man but darn it he was the best man for her and she knew it.

Life as an ex con was tough, few were prepared to cut him a break, he was doing all he could to keep his head on straight and his nose clean. Keeping himself to himself he was knocked for six when the pocket rocket that was Kennedy breezed into his life and lit it up!

They suffered so much, it was a constant procession of miserable luck, I wondered at one point just how much they (or I should say Kennedy really) could take. But they stuck with it and weathered the storms together and that was all I wanted for them…I knew early on the she loved this broody man I just wasn’t sure if he was willing to accept that fact despite the fact that like a moth to a flame, he simply couldn’t keep away. A plain as the nose on his face was the fact that try as he might, there was no denying the fact he adored her.

Through all the angst and attitude blossomed and romance that defied at all and that brought together two characters that truly deserved not only each other but their own special happy!

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