Reckless by Nicole Edwards

Nicole Edwards and her very first all MM romance- what a dilemma. One of my favourite author taking me to a genre that I am not overtly comfortable being in. I know, I know get my head out my ass and get a grip this woman has written every conceivable pairing or combination that could possibly be contrived before and I have read each and every one but this seemed to be setting off on a different path – a solely MM series and that is a new one for me.

But should I have worried, should I have been concerned – not a chance – do I deserve a slap upside, well yep!

Reckless -Pier 70 centres around 4 guys who own and run a marina and in this it is – Cam Strickland who is first in line for the salubrious Ms Edwards treatment! The rest of the guys will just have to wait… by the way just in case you are wondering – the other guys are Roan Gregory, Dare Davis, and Teague Carter.

As I have said first up is Cam- and at the age of 32 he is the owner of Pier 70. Life is one almighty high for Cam, he lives life to the max and is a complete thrill seeker but he may play fast a loose when it comes to getting his kicks but the one think he doesn’t take lightly is relationships – and to that extent he is happy just to keep that aspect of his life on the back burner.

But when he meets the enigmatic Gannon Burgess on his corporate team building day there is just something that ignites between them that neither of them had expected.

They couldn’t be more different, but they had no idea what it was about each other that had lit the touch paper of lust but it most definitely was alight and the smoulder dial was about to be turned all the way from simmer to blistering!

Like any relationship, the early days are when there is the most risk, the time when walls have to be breached and defences dropped but when both parties have baggage it also is the time when things are more likely to be derailed.

But when this sexy tattooed bad ass and the geeky control freak put their minds to it, I had no doubt that they would find a way to make it work. But it was going to take a commitment that they both had to be happy with. Was that even possible?

I think if I had to describe their relationship I would have to say it was emotional. But that might be doing them an injustice, because the journey they were on was not an easy one by any stretch of the imagination, they had a lot to work around but they had to find a way to make it work because quitting was not an option.

Oh and dang, the physicality of their relationship was – volcanic! Neither of them was ready to give up their need to dominate and finding a way to make that work was enough to set have my screen smoking.

I’m hooked on Nicole Edwards work and yes that does mean this book – I loved Cam and Gannon but I also liked the fact that we got a sneaky peek into the lives of the other guys, the rest of the Pier 70 team.

I am genuinely looking forward to the rest of the series, to see where life takes the rest of team, to watch as they each get their chance of love.

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