Chaos by Alexis Noelle

When it comes to a good MC read then you need look no further than Alexis Noelle, this woman gives her biker guys a voice that few others could possible manage.

Her guys leave nothing on the table, when it comes to their club, their brothers and their women they are all in!

This pacey read leaves you in absolutely no doubt that when the going gets tough, you can rest assured that the Death Stalkers are in hot pursuit.

I love the fact that the story shows these guys at their very best, it shows the raw power that they have together and the fact that when push comes to shove you can’t move them all and to get to one of them that is exactly what you would have to do.

The years have not been kind to Tracie, she can’t move on, broken by a brother that wasn’t the man he should have been, she is continually plagued by the events of that time but despite the fact that the club kicked him out she isn’t willing to see that not all bikers are the same. She doesn’t seem to be able to change how she feels.

I really felt for Tracie, I had a tissue by my side much of the time as I read the story of a woman that was just so sad, so broken that she was almost hiding in plain sight, I was certain that it would take an absolutely stellar man to show her what it was like to be the centre of his world and when her business is burgled, the man that she needs is the one she can’t hide from anymore because he refuses to let her.

Torch…OMG the guy was exactly the man I wanted for her, he wasn’t perfect but I think that made him perfect and the fact that he has respected her boundaries for so long despite the fact that he has had feelings for her. But keeping watch on her from a distance just isn’t cutting it any, Torch is ready for more and he isn’t willing to wait it out any longer. Tracie needs to know that she needs to get with the program because when it comes to what he wants…that comes in one size only …her!

I liked the fact that they both got to tell their story from their own points of view, I also love the fact that there is more than just their romance going on in the story, they club is being threatened and there is a new club making waves for them, how the Death Stalkers deal with that is a parallel storyline that gave the whole book more substance. The air of apprehension and urgency meant that not only what was going on between Torch and Tracie has a clock ticking over them.

Could the club discover the truth in time to safeguard the brothers and the club?

Topic: Chaos by Alexis Noelle

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