Home Free

by Claire McEwen


Reading this was a mistake, not that it wasn’t a great read because it was but it is part of a series, one that I haven’t read yet and that means that having now picked this one up …I now have additions to my library!

I am looking at this as a standalone and it reads well in that capacity so if like me you have managed to miss the start of the series you will still be able to enjoy the story.

This is the story of Arch Hoffman and he was a force to be reckoned with, as you would expect time spent in prison has affected him but it is the pressure of life on the outside that is weighing heavy on him almost as much. He wants to keep his life on the straight and narrow now, to be the man that he knows he can be but will he be able too…that is the question?

But when he meets Mandy, he may have found his motivation because between the two of them there is a spark that cannot be denied.

They are perfect for each other but getting there is going to require work on both their parts, Mandy must learn that life is for living and stop looking for the other show to fall, she seems to live in a constant fear of almost everything, it must have been tiring! And Arch well he lives in fear too, of sort fear that he can’t be not only who he needs to be but also who Mandy needs. I wanted him to understand that under that exterior was a man that could achieve anything he put his mind too. Their angst was distracting but it was necessary because it gave an honesty to their story that I felt like they needed.

Life is hard, it is an evolution and a relationship needs work and I liked the fact the author gave them time to show me that they were willing to give themselves that time.

Topic: Home Free by Claire McEwen

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