by KE Osborn and Addison Jane

If you are looking for something to sizzle off the page as you turn them then this just might be the book for you.
Luca and Everly don’t just smoulder they ignite, they’re so hot together that I couldn’t keep up, I was desperately flipping the pages wanting to discover what they were up to next…and, believe me, they did not disappoint.
I liked the banter that went back and forth between them, the fact that Everly was quick to catch on that this handsome, witty man was using that humour to shield the fact that inside he was struggling to get his head around his life as it is now. I loved that’s he was able to deflect but not confront although she was more than willing and able to call him out in his BS when needed.
Luca found the connection between him and Everly tough going at first, I think that was his reticence to bring anyone else into his close circle, but it was a fight that he could only hold off for so long because there were forces of nature at work here that were not willing to be denied.
I thought the mystery and intrigue that were the integral parts of the plot brought more than I had initially anticipated to the page, but it didn’t take long for the penny to drop and I soon realised that not everyone was as they appeared …but who was playing who??
Great characters, sensational plot and a sizzle factor that was heading off the charts, this comes very highly recommended.

Topic: Revive by KE Osborn and Addison Jane

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