by Amity Cross


This series just keeps getting better and better.

I was beginning to wonder what we got a peak under the surface of Hamish, after all he has been around The Underground for a while and has popped up in previous stories but while I think you can read this as standalone …almost I would give the previous stories some of your time and attention because there are some elements of interlinking that help to bring aspects of this story to life.

So Hamish, Oh Boy! Or should I say Oh Man because at 32 he has had more than his fair share of life experiences and not only inside the ring. Much of Hamish is the unknown, he plays his cards very close to his chest and has so far managed to keep from everyone, including Ash. But for how much longer?

He knew the guys were beginning to cotton on to the fact that he wasn’t himself but they respected him enough to almost keep their thought to themselves. In the ring, Hamish is absolutely ruthless, but with issues from the past continuing to hang heavy over his head and while he is doing everything he can to make the cash he needs to keep his demons at bay, he just seemed to be so lonely, I got that he didn’t want to burden anyone with what he had going on but I worried for his mental stability, after all how far was he willing to bury himself…and despite the support of Ash and Rebel, I felt he was so insular that I couldn’t help but worry as to whether or not he would ever allow himself to find any semblance of happiness.

Lori spent her life surrounded by the fighters at The Underground, she worked the bar and was an ear to many of them but she had one rule…don’t date them. She learnt her lesson the hard way when she was f**ked over by Storm and you know that old saying, once bitten twice shy!

But could she avoid the pull of Hamish?

Could she keep to her self-imposed isolation from the guys or should I say more specifically from the one guy that was making his way under her skin?

Of all the guys so far I would have to say that Hamish has been my favourite and I don’t say that lightly because he has some stiff competition, Amity Cross knows how to write a solid alpha male as getting to the top of the pile is not an easy task.

Lori and Hamish will have you rooting for them all the way and while their story is fabulous the I think I just found it more effective within the content of the whole series, taking The Underground and Pulse Fitness as an entirety means that I have been truly able to indulge in what can only be said is one of the best fighter series that I have ever read and I am so pleased that it isn’t over yet…woohoo we have Dean to come and I can’t wait!


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