Man up Playboy by Danielle Sibarium

I don’t find characters that often that I really don’t like but for much of this book I had a feeling that Cooper was going to be that exception and he did his best to prove me right, because for a lot of the time I found him just a bit too much, I can hear you say – Too much what?

Well I think it was just too much of everything!

I know he eventually came well and I give him credit for that but dang he was hard work.

The writing was beautiful and I will admit that the book was quite emotional. Especially when Cooper’s secret heartache is revealed (gosh, am I being too hard on him because I really did feel sorry for him at this point)

So what is it about – Cooper is a playboy – yep, got that- he played that card to perfection! He was under some illusion that he could do exactly what he wanted and everyone else could be damned – I could have kicked his ass at this point!

Selene was a great character, strong and resourceful but with a vulnerability that just poked through. She wasn’t actually looking for a relationship and if she had been she would never have chosen Cooper but her heart didn’t get that message because all too soon she is head over heels in love with the guy.

Cooper is completely enamoured by Selene and at times the connection between them was lovely – when Cooper dropped the façade and let his real self, come to the fore he was a good guy, he just didn’t do it often enough for me.

Selene though she could change the man, help him heal so to speak but that wasn’t her decision to make it was his.

Was she enough to convince him to try?

In the end Cooper could have played the hand he was dealt better I think but perhaps the author played a better hand and gave me a character in Cooper that now – upon reflection was more endearing than I had originally considered, because in writing this review and thinking again about the book, he probably wasn’t all that bad after all... I stand corrected.


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