My Kind of Forever by Heidi McLaughlin

When your heart has been torn apart it is pretty difficult to put rational thoughts onto paper and after finishing this book and then coming to terms with the fact that the series is now over, I have to tell you, I may need some sort of readers counselling- I’m sure there is a Beaumont survivors group out there somewhere because if not there is going to have to be one fairly soon.

This book is devastating, not in content but in the fact that Heidi has drawn one of the best series around to a conclusion.

I am officially in mourning!

So what about the book.

Well for a start this won’t give you any spoilers- really where is the fun in that, you’ve come this far you need to read it for yourself, heck even I would lynch me is I gave anything away, so this is a brief meander through what I got when I took a dip inside the covers of My Kind of Forever.

Well it is no great shakes to tell you that the guys are all still living in Beaumont, busy with family life and trying to do what they do best… make music. But with the relaxed setting that may be conducive to the family life they want, comes downside… they are out of the scene and appear to be out of favour.

If they want the glory days back they have to take the bull by the horns and that means stepping back into the vipers den that is the LA music scene.

I have loved Liam since the first page of the first book and in this I have to say I lost a little bit more of my heart to him all over again.

He is a musician to the very fibre of his being but in his soul he is a family man and that is where his sanity lies but to the unscrupulous he is nothing more than a cash cow.

A star that they can exploit, after all a star and their stories make money, well for other people they do but I could have screamed when he discovered that someone was ready to upset his life and possibly rock his marriage with an unauthorised autobiography, I mean who wants their wife and kid to read that sort of bull!

So despite the fact that he knew the book was about to hit the shelves he buried his head in the sand – Liam,Liam,Liam you fool!!!!!

Needless to say that the existence doesn’t stay under the radar for long and once it is out the paparazzi are out in force, being in LA just might be enough to have this star heading right back to Beaumont.

The events around the guys are mad to say the least but they have a reason for being in LA other than to get themselves back in the music groove again, they are there to help a friend but is it enough?

Will the band survive?

Will their relationships survive?

Will all the Westbury secrets finally get aired?

Will Josie, see through the lies and trust her man?

So many questions that at one point I thought my head might start spinning!!!!

Oh and on top of all that the rest of the Westbury Family come to play – you have been warned there is more going on there than I had ever imagined!!!!!

I loved the book, but then again I was never not going to but objectively I have to say that this was a sensational way to say goodbye to 4225 West, to Liam, Josie and Noah, to Harrison (still my favourite drummer ever!!!) and the rest of this amazing and eclectic family.

I cried, I sighed, I cursed and I smiled but most of all I admired, I admired the story, I admired the characters, I admired the sentiment that family comes first and I admired Heidi McLaughlin for the creativity that supplied some of my favourite characters with a story that they deserved.

Sorry to see them go but what an awesome journey!!!!

Topic: My Kind of Forever by Heidi McLaughlin

Date: 03/09/2015

By: Heidi McLaughlin

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