Give Me Grace by Kate McCarthy



Give Me Grace by Kate McCarthy

Good Lord!

I thought I’d been smart when I decided to read all three books in succession in order to get a feel for the series- little did I know that they would swallow me whole!

Give Me Grace is book 3 but can be read as a stand alone story, although I must admit that having now read the first two (I am ashamed of myself for having had them on the kindle and for having bypassed them)these guys are too good to miss. I would strongly recommend that as the whole gang are central to the series – you should treat yourself and read both Give Me Love and Give Me Strength.

This is Casey and Grace’s story and what a story.

Casey Daniels is part of the team that works with Jared, Cody and Travis at their consultancy company and Grace Paterson, is little sister to Henry Lead guitarist with Jamieson.

Casey has his demons but don’t we all! With the help of his best friend Travis he has moved past what he considers to be his one major f*** up and forged his way in the world, but that one still eats away at him and no matter what is going on in his life and how many good people he has around him – he has this one demon that he needs to close the door on. Living an empty life his face to world belittles the pain he feels inside and he hides himself away behind his quick wit and sarcasm. Women come and go and Casey likes it that way – no attachments – until now!

Casey is a complicated man who has more than his fair share of baggage and getting to read his story, made me see that his “outside world” face – you know the one we all have when we are having a shitty day and don’t won’t everyone to know about it – hides a sensitive, damage boy who is so lost in his past that he may just lose his future. Moving on means he first has to step back – opening old wounds and searching out answers his answers.

Grace flies into Sydney after a desperate plea from Henry to help the band out – they need a replacement bass guitarist and she fits the bill. A feisty, strong woman – she rocks her badass attitude but she cares more than she is prepared to let on. She is working as a model but know sin her heart that it is not her calling in life, so she lives with a resentment that is eating away at her, hating that she has to be someone she doesn’t even like. As with Casey she also has her own issues that haunt her but the question is can she let her defences down long enough to let Casey in or will she keep him at bay?

Emotionally they have the potential to be dynamite – and if the truth be told when the bitching and barracking begins, it become obvious that they are perfect for each other – but with Casey and Grace – them being together may just be emotionally beyond them both.

There are a few twists and turns in the story line that will make you turn back you page just to check that you had read the right passage – things aren’t always what you expect them to be and that makes this a fabulous read!

Love in all its many forms is on display for the world to see between Grace and Casey and with them guiding us through the legacy of pain that has lead them to this point in their lives, you can’t help but find yourself rooting for the pair of them.

The rest of the team and the band are heavily present as you would expect but that only enhances the book and it is great to be able to keep tabs on the whole crew!

I have loved the series but I especially loved this book – it was more in depth and meaningful in parts and had a sensitivity in the characters that was to be commended.

I look forward to the next book – yippee!!!!

Rating 4.5 out of 5