by Jacob Chance

This is an author that knows how to pack a punch in every sense of the word because this snappy read was on the button.

From the get-go this was everything I hoped it would be, I love a sports based romance, so this little MMA was right up my street and the fact that the author was able ensure that the connection between Noah and Reagan didn’t completely overshadow the sports element of the book.

Noah lives with one regret, one moment in time when he made the wrong decision for the right reasons and let Reagan slip from his grasp but now she is home he has a chance to prove that what they had doesn’t have to be over and done with, they can find that spark again…but is that what Reagan wants?

The connection between them is off the charts, they have everything they could possibly want to give their relationship a second chance if that is what they choose. They both know that what they want is each other but will they let their feelings out to play or will the past rule what they could possibly have now?

I love the MMA action and the intensity of both what happened in and out of the ring and I thank the author for the fact that he gave me everything I needed to know about this pair and left me just a little bit wanting…I could have spent a while longer with this sexy couple!

Topic: Punched by Jacob Chance

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