Fight for Me by Alexis Noelle

Finally, Shawn gets uncovered!

He has sauntered discretely through the previous novels, almost as if he was lurking in the shadows, hiding. But what exactly was his story? Well stop all the worrying – because this is his story and he is a secret no more!

Christen has had a bit of a long distance lust going on for Shawn or maybe that is the wrong words, she has always been within his grasp, she just never managed to get how she felt out in the open.

But now that is about to change,

She is the one to visit him to make sure he is ok and it is her little acts of kindness that open his eyes to the fact that she is a wonderful, intelligent, compassionate woman.

They may come from different sides of the track but there is a tie between them that they just can’t deny and they shouldn’t even try!

When the obstacles are finally removed, the two of them get literally swept away in each other. Their relationship takes on a life of its own and flies.

But that is not to say that it is all smooth sailing.

Of course there was always going to a fly in the ointment.

And it would be foolish to consider that it would be anyone other than Christen’s family.

Honestly there are times that you just want to be able to reach into a story, yank the characters by the collar and give them a darn good shake. That is exactly how I felt about Christen’s parents.

But it was an unexpected source that thwarted their plans and gave Shawn the much needed kick to finally man up and go get his woman.

The story didn’t end there… there was one last kicker and I have to say it was a doozy.

I loved the book and the characters, the honesty and the flow of the story meant that it was an easy read that left me feeling all the better for having read it.