Getting Lucky

by Maggie Adams


A creative little novella that follows Lucky Coalson as he roots around in Vegas trying to find out who caused his family so much strife.

The fire at that caused so much destruction at the offices of Coalson Construction Offices was deliberate and that means someone is to blame, someone knows who did it and why and Lucky is determined to find out everything he can.

What he hadn’t anticipated was running into a woman like Claudia, the manager at Mississippi Flame, where Lucky is working as a bouncer. Now, this is a novella so it might be short on pages but it doesn’t lack content because the author goes all out with the mystery, intrigue and attitude.

There was more to Claudia that meets the eye but Lucky was viewing everything she had through rose tinted glasses and despite the fact that his brother’s best mate Noah tried to warn him about her, Lucky is having none of it and Noah’s warning is falling on deaf ears.

It is obvious that Lucky will do whatever it takes to protect her. Just how far that might have to go…well you need to read to find that out!

But a quick word of warning ladies, her deception well let’s just say you will be ready to reach for something intensely alcoholic to temper your temper!

Topic: Getting Lucky by Maggie Adams

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